Much of my time is focused on delivering the next generation of Salesforce software. Below is a tour of the mobile platform we developed recently.


Focused on getting stuff done.

Because our product is a platform that can house an endless variety of objects, it is important to provide focus and clarity to the purpose of each screen. To accommodate this, we spent lots of time exploring the best ways to highlight the hero of the page and the content that is tied to it.


Enjoy seamless collaboration.

Chatter brought social to the enterprise five years ago, long before it was considered common practice. Now, feeds are at the core of our products. The social layer of everyday work is providing the application the fuel it needs to power people through their work day.


Publish everything.

Content creation is what makes a social application thrive. To help grease those wheels, we provided the application with an immersive and beautifully rich publishing experience that allows the user to easily contribute to the application.


Keep your files safe and secure.

Good business falls short without presentations, documents, photography, and all the files people need to communicate effectively. We designed the file structure at the core of the application, so people always have quick access to the documents they need.


Increase productivity.

With the many distractions we face today, simple productivity tools can help provide the focus necessary to get a job done. Events help you plan for upcoming meetings and let you know where to be. Tasks before and after those meetings keep teams productive as they work towards their goals.


Access your entire business.

I once heard a customer say, "If it’s not in Salesforce, it doesn’t exist." With a platform product, the sky is the limit on how much can live in the application. We accommodate this with a navigation model that scales to house a large and customizable suite of applications.


Pick and choose the apps that work for you.

Each section of the app is branded with a rich icon, representing the functionality you find there. This really adds a lot of personality to the otherwise minimal experience.

I provided a handful of initial icons and ongoing art direction.


Scan content and find what you need quickly.

We needed the product to be as flexible as possible. The card model provided the modularity and disambiguation needed for a ubiquitous experience that scales.


Successful companies around the world rely on Salesforce.

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